My name is Brian Aghajani and I am a professional dog sport photographer.

I have been a dog sport photographer for 10-years and an official photographer to than 40 championships, including the FMBB and WUSV World IGP Championships. I have photographed AWDF IGP Nationals, AWMA IGP Nationals, USCA GSD Nationals, USCA WDC IGP Nationals, USMRA Mondio Nationals, and GSDCA IGP National Championships.

My photography has been featured in magazines from around the world and the Aghajani brand is one of the most recognized in IGP. I have more than 400 5-star reviews.

(310) 694-1661

BRIAN AGHAJANI photography is available by pre-order only.

Orders must be received and confirmed by October Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024.

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Brian Aghajani