Stadium work will be officiated by FCI judge Roland Siebel and DVG America judge Melissa Hepler. Tracking will be overseen by FCI judge Ossian Modin and DVG America judge Hartmut Beckman. These judges have the authority to award FCI-IGP titles needed for entry at the FCI IGP Championship. The judges will individually determine scores with a neutral third party calculating the average for announcement. They will alternately take the lead by flight.

Ossian Modin – Tracking Judge

Tracking Judge

IGP judge since 2020, actively competing and training IGP since 2007. Became a judge when I was "between 2 dogs". Breeder of IGP Rottweilers under the name Team Extreme.

Co-founder of the supplement brand Svenska DjurApoteket/European Pet Pharmacy/Norsk Dyrehelse and the new brand POWER!

Competed in ten world championships with three different dogs, best placing 3rd place. Participated in 4 teams gold and silver. Coached puppy buyers and training buddies to world championships and FCI for the last 7 years.

Judging assignments: FCI qualification in Sweden, CACIT Sweden, CACIT Holland

I wish all participants the best of luck and a great weekend with your dog!

Looking forward to coming over to USA and being part of your FCI selection.

Hartmut Beckman – Tracking Judge

Tracking Judge

At the age of 15, I began training my first Schutzhund dog when I joined a DVG club in Lübeck, Germany. Little did I know at the time, I would spend 50 years in Schutzhund. In that time, I have trained and shown various breeds in well over 200 competitions. In addition to competing at all levels, including Championships, I became a DVG Judge in 1980. Since then I have judged about 300 trials, including many Championships, in America as well as Europe.

In my professional life I worked as a Mathematician but retired recently which gives me more time now to do things that I enjoy. My main hobby is, of course, still dogs but my wife, Faye, and I also enjoy skiing, playing cards, or just a glass of wine with good friends.

I am honored and excited to be part of this year's AWDF Championship in California, and I wish the Host Club all the best for a wonderful competition and best of luck to all competitors.

Roland Seibel – Obdience & Protection Judge

Stadium Judge

My name is Roland Seibel
  • I'm ADRK and FCI Working judge since 1994.
  • Approximately 170 Club Trials and Regional Championchips in Germany.
  • The ADRK FH (2x) and the ADRK Schutzhund Championship (7x)
  • The International Trophy Trial in Rottweil (6x)
  • Knut Fuchs Advent Cup (2x)
  • The IFR World Championship (2x) USRC (2x) South Africa (2x) RKNA Canada (2x) Spain (3x) Croatia (2x) and the VDH German Championschip (2x)
  • Once the ADRK World Championship, Skandinavian, AWDF, AWMA, RSV 2000, Brasil and Italy, China and Belgien.
My personal career:
  • Bred a total of 27 litters of Rottweilers in my kennel vom Scheldetal and 5 litters of Shepherds vom Baumgarten.
  • Trained and titled 45 dogs (different breeds) in over 150 trials.
  • Training Director at my DVG club for 10 years.
  • Training Director of the ADRK region Hessen for 4 years.
  • Served on the ADRK Training Board for 6 years.
  • Team Captain for the ADRK at the VDH Championship of Germany 6 times.
  • Team Captian at the FCI Worldchampionship for Team Germany 2023
  • Trained and Trialed my Rottweiler Pascha vom Hegestrauch and also his son Asko vom Wildfang: 5x at the Regional- 6x at the ADRK- 4x at the the VDH- 3x at the FCI-World- and 1x at the IFR World Championschip.
  • I trialed my Shepherd Janoch von der Grube Waldecke at the Bundes VDH- WUSV- FCI World Championship and 4x at the Bundessiegertrial SV
I won:
  • The IFR World Championship
  • The ADRK German Championship
  • The ADRK Regional Championship (3x)
  • The SV Regional Championship (4x)
  • Also the SV Bundes FCI

I wish everyone a good competition and lot of success with your four legged friends.

Enjoy and have a great time at the AWDF.

Melissa Hepler – Obdience & Protection Judge

Stadium Judge

I was born and raised in Long Island, NY and moved to Miami when I was offered a softball scholarship to attend Barry University in Miami. Rather than return to northern winters, I remained in Florida and have lived in Punta Gorda, FL for the past 31 years.

I have worked in the veterinary field for most of my life. Inspired by the many unruly clients I met, I began my own pet dog training business in 2014. In 1995, I was looking for a German Shepherd and went to a local club and was introduced to schutzhund. I attended that club for awhile, met a friend there, and we started our own club, Peace River Schutzhund Club, in 1997. My first dog was a German Shepherd and we earned our Sch1 and an AD. I obtained my first Malinois in 1997. I have trained and titled 3 Malinois from Bh to 3. I have also trained and titled a rottweiler from BH to 3, and competed with him at the International Federation of Rottweilers World Championship in Spain in 2004.

I became a judge in 2013 because I wanted to encourage new members, inspire them, and help grow our sport. I believe a judge needs to be an active competitor to keep the feelings of handlers at heart.

I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I look forward to seeing some great performances and wish all competitors success!